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X-box Series X Showcase: All Games with Trailer

Updated: Aug 9, 2020

X-box game event held by Microsoft yesterday and it presented large no of game news. Previously May presentation of X-box based on third party games but this event focused mainly on X-box series x games from Microsoft's own studio. Game pack including Halo Infinite, the new Forza, and Fable games alongside with gameplay of Halo Infinite. Each and every game demonstrated will be accessible through X-box game Pass. There is still a long way to go about these games and the Xbox series x all in all. Price and release date yet to confirm by the organization.

Halo Infinite:

This is the first game of series in the event. The trailer featured a similar pilot that we saw in the teaser at E3 2019 with the Master Chief smashing for an emergency landing. On the island, Master chief tackles various alien and destroyed each one of them.

Lots of weapons and grappling hook Additionally Exhibited from the gameplay. 343 wants this game to be the stage for the subsequent 10 years of Halo rather than adhere to numbered portions.


Fable back again it was first developed by Lionhead Studio and published by X-box game studios the Lionhead studio was closed in 2016. Now according to the rumours this the new series being developed by playground games of Forza horizon fame. From the trailer a little fairy she seems like Tinkerbell flew out to the mysterious world but was eaten by the monumental toad.


The trailer shows the Dark world in first look this game is an action-adventure type that attributes skeletons enemies. The trailer shows this game depicts a first-person perspective with Magical abilities. The game is developing under Obsidians

Forza Motorsport:

Next game in the favoured gaming series developed by the Turn 10 studios. As expected the graphics are awesome and look like real racing games

Senua’s Sega: Hell blade 2:

The gameplay was not shown in the event. The game is built using the Unreal engine and story based on Ninja Theory.

State of Decay 3:

Looking at the trailer it is an open world action-adventure zombie survival series. In a teaser, we saw survivor exploring through the forest until she comes upon undead deer.

Crossfire X:

Crossfire X is the intense first-person shooting game developed by Remedy Entertainment premiered during the showcase. It seems to contain intellectual and character-driven components of the studios' past games. It is coming later this year.

Warhammer 40k: Dark Tides

Warhammer 40k trailer was revealed during the Event. A group of special recon has been sent into some infrastructure so as to crush the type of distress, yet they rapidly discover the circumstance is more awful than foreseen. It's coming in 2021


A new trailer showcased during X-box event Medium is developed by Bloober team the studio behind Blair Witch. It is a cognitive dread game from the Bloober team that lets you traverse the physical and evil world at the same time.

Phatasy star online 2:

It is like a Japanese animated type of game that includes a new world to explore and action-packed combat.

The Gunk:

Gunk announced exclusively during the presentation. Stream world is the creator of the game. This game based on exploring planet having a 3D environment and the formal gunk appears to be a collectible resource while collecting Gunk you need to tackle with a dangerous foe that doesn’t want you there.

Tetris Effect: Connected:

We all know what Tetris means it is one of the oldest games of all time now it is finally coming to X-box as Tetris Effect: Connected with multiplier mode to make the experience even better. You are able to play with this sport both locally and on the internet. It is set to launch on X-box this holiday season.

Destiny 2: Beyond Light:

Bungie Declared that Destiny 2 all previously made expansion will coming to X-box game pass alongside the beyond light a new expansion will join the Support on Nov 10 while Destiny 2 will arrive on X-box pass in September.

Stalker 2:

Stalker 2 a famed survival horror game using the first-person standpoint launching only on the X-box platform.

Psychonauts 2:

Jack Black is included in Psychonauts 2, and the entertainer will likewise be letting his brilliant channels accomplish some work by singing in the game. He stars as a fantastic Navi-like wisp nonetheless conserves his markers deep voice to get his melodies. Psychonauts 2 is a singing type action game.

As Dusk Fall:

As Dusk Fall is developed by an independent studio launched its first game as an X-box console exclusive. Games based on family and sacrifice. It utilizes a watercolour-like workmanship style and is portrayed as an "intuitive show.


It is a simulation survival based game. You played as a kid with your friends your mission is to survive in the backyard tackle with various bugs that can eat you alive. This is just another game introduced from the Obsidian project through the demonstration.

The Outer Worlds: Peril on Gorgon:

Peril on Gorgon is an expansion to the outer worlds into the Obsidian's role-playing game and will probably likely be available on September 9th.

Tell Me Why:

Dontnod Entertainment developer of Life is strange series that came with the new game called Tell Me Why. In the game, you will play as siblings investigating memories of their childhood. The game will be out on August 27.

Balan Wonderland:

Yuji Naka presented his Balan Company division new project called Balan Wonderland. Game is based on magical land and you need to clear all obstacles in your path. It will be on X-box one and X-box Series X with Smart Delivery.

Ever wild:

It seems to be a quiet and exceptional game with a colourful scheme. Developed by Rare, this game shows the good relationship between animals and humans.

Hello Neighbor 2:

Hello, Neighbor 2 is an expansion of the halo neighbor part. In the trailer, there is a Mysterious bird-like creature. This expansion provides you with more areas to explore and with more horror potential. It is coming to X-box and Pc in 2021.

Echo generation:

A fabulous Journey game made by a smaller studio. CocoCucumber's Echo Generation was Revealed during the pre-show. It makes use of a card system for combating and has completely distinctive creativity that almost resembles mini craft.


TwistRed came with new recreation called Exomecha a First-person futuristic shooter. It is the action-packed game with various weapons and vehicles with the battle against enemies.

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