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What is web hosting and its types

Updated: Aug 8, 2020

Any website needs web hosting to be shown on the internet. If you're going to make a website or want to know how to make a website, you also need to know about web hosting.

Today, we're going to find out what web hosting is, how does it work? Just how many types of web hosting are there? What's the difference between domain and hosting

What is Web Hosting?

When you create a website or blog, all its programs like images, videos, pages, etc. have to be posted on the server to access the internet.

Web hosting is a type of service that provides us with the environment for our website to upload an internet queue.

We need a Strong server for website hosting Which should always be Linked with the internet so that our Site is Prepared for 24 hours without any problems. Because we can't maintain the server of this type because maintenance cost is too high, we used the web hosting companies as they have their powerful server, technology, and technical staff to maintain the server.

We need to pay monthly or yearly for these services according to the packages provided by these Organizations.

Just how many types of web hosting are there?

There are many types of Web Hosting. When we create a web site, we buy hosting according to our needs.

We discussed five types of hosting, which are mostly Used.

· Shared Server Hosting

· Dedicated Server Hosting

· VPS Virtual Private Server Hosting

· Cloud Hosting

Shared Server

As the name suggests, most of the websites in this type are using the same server.

Since you're using multiple websites to make use of one server's space, ram and CPU, it's much cheaper than other hosting services.

For example, if you use your car to go somewhere, you will need to spend more money, but if you travel by bus, you will save money. You may face a problem if the bus gets crowded during the journey, same problem face in shared server lets take an example. If your website gets too high traffic, the site's speed will be reduced, and visitors might see some technical errors.

If your business is short or you're just starting now, this type of hosting is excellent for you. If you are building a blog site, you should start with shared hosting

Dedicated Server Hosting

This allows you to control the entire server. It has many other benefits, but as compared to others, it is costly. Since your site is the host with one server, it allows you to take full control. You can also change the operating system and other settings on the server.

One of the benefits of dedicated hosting is to stay away from the harm caused by more traffic. It gets your website speed and performance increase.

A website with much more traffic on it should be used as dedicated hosting. If you have any ecommerce website of which size too large, it will be much better hosting for you.

VPS Virtual Private Server

VPS is a combination of dedicated and shared hosting. In this version, you've dedicated Host, but It's a virtual host, and it is not physical, let Us Clarify in some detail:

In this one server categories into the various virtual server and one website is assigned to a particular virtual server.

This provides more space, power, and bandwidth to the website than a shared server, and also, the page load time is too fast compared to the shared server.

It is not better than dedicated but well as compared to shared.

If you have a small website with minimum traffic, then VPS is a better option. If your loading speed is low, it is better to go for VPS than Shared.

One of the problems with previously defined services is that they have limited resources. Resources and capacities are limited, although most websites do not reach this limit.

But sometimes certain content on the website can be viral, and this creates a sudden spike of traffic that is hard to handle.

The solution to this problem is cloud hosting. In this, there is not one server, but groups of servers are used to host websites.

Cloud hosting has been extremely popular over the past few years, and the trend has been increasing.

High volume traffic at your site on the cloud hosting doesn't affect its loading speed.

However, you cannot control the entire stream, like dedicated hosting; that is, you cannot change any server setting or add specific software.

How Does Web Hosting work?

There are several web hosting companies that allow website owners to host websites on their servers and earn some money from you each month in return. After uploading HTML pages, images, videos, etc. to a server, one can view them through web addresses from time to time through the internet. Whenever an internet user enters your website with a web browser, it will be connected to the server where the site has been hosting. The server then displays the HTML pages and content to the visitor browser for display.

What's the Difference between Internet hosting and domain?

Domain names and hosting are two Distinct things. But many companies sell both domain and hosting. For example-GoDaddy, it's the largest domain registrar in the world, but it also offers to host facilities in addition to the domain.

And one of the reasons why new people get confused between web hosting and domain.

So if we say that in easy words,

'a domain name is like your home address; While web hosting, there are rooms in your house where you share your identity".

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