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Sony finally revealed Ps5 console and design

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

Xbox and PlayStation are the two best franchises in the world. There are lots of lovers in the world. People love both, but two of them are rivals in the market as we know play station design keep changing as well as technology to give us an intense and stunning graphic same applies to Xbox. In the recent event of PlayStation, 5 held on 12th June 2020; Sony Eventually Reveals what play station 5 will look like. But Sony can’t reveal the dimension like length, width, and height. But Fans made its estimated dimension over the internet and also there is the discussion whether it’s big or small than PS4

PS5 look

The Sony PS5 stands vertical like X box series X Using black, and the white Color combination looks elegant and slim. It will be available in two variant one with 4k Blue disc and other Digital edition. PS5 Digital edition is slightly thinner in width compared to 4k because of the removal of the drive. PS5 price and release date were not declared will come to a letter from Sony. Ps5 May Be Used horizontally.

PS5 without Optical Drive (Disc Less or Digital edition)

PS5 came with surprises having two variant one with Disc and other without Disc. The console Layout matches Using a Control with Glossy Black and White finish with blue Lighting. One layout with 4k disk has a curve for the drive in the one variant that looks different from the Disc-less model. Sony does not disclose the price, but sure both of the options may vary in cost. Digital edition lets you load nicely no games because the drive is sufficiently big to store and charge your games

PS5 Accessories

PS5 accessories include Dual sense controller, Charging Dock for Dual sense controller, HD Camera, Pulse 3d wireless headset, and media remote. The PS5 Dual sense controller came with force feedback (haptic) and adaptive trigger technology.

Sony can be employing the SSD method to improve load times of matches. The SSD will provide 825GB of storage and 5.5GB of performance. All games are installed to internal SSD to make use of real speeds.

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