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Pubg Mobile New Update-Livik Map

Updated: Aug 8, 2020

PUBG Mobile gamer will obtain a new map, called Livik. The Map is currently available to play on the beta version and will soon be a stable version of the game. This Map was announced by PUBG mobile on Twitter on Thursday without giving any information.

The Group has created a live map Especially for the mobile gamer who Don't Have free hours to play games on their smartphones. Such players can play with This Map by taking out Some Time.

The game in this Map will end quickly as this Map will be smaller and have fewer players. The Map comes with a Dimension of 2*2 km, and 40 players take to the field Concurrently. Each game on Livik will last approximately 15 minutes due to fewer players and smaller Maps.

Livik map availability detail hasn’t released; however, it won’t be similar to those other maps.

This Map includes volcano, waterfall, and hot springs, among other points of interest.

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