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Pascal Wager release date finally confirmed

Updated: Aug 8, 2020

For IOS Pascal wager already launched now its time for android user to play this games will arrive soon as announced by the giant network company.

A much-awaited Pascal's Wager android matches will start on June 25th 2020 priced at $3.99 for a limited time. Developed by Tip and giant network Chinese Company announced to launch on June 25th 2020. Giant network said that his team care about the experience of all eager fans and gives the fans excellent gameplay and maintain the same quality as the previous release

The company gives the best end-user experiences to his fans as said by Giant Company. Giant network takes time to remove all the bugs for proper smoothness of gameplay.

Android version has limited time sale at a launch at $3.99USD.

Additionally, all Ancient Purchaser of android will Get Terrence Heroic Herald outfit for a bonus Free of Charge.

Minimum specification:

Snapdragon 625 and 835 or Equivalent with 64-bit support

Android 5.0

3GB Ram recommended

5GB Space recommended

The team tried very hard for improving the quality of the android version

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