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Pascal wager android - Out Now

Updated: Aug 2, 2020

Pascal Wager much-awaited game finally released today via the Google play store

Pascal Wager an immersive action role-based game the story revolves around the character named Terrence who looks for his wife in the world covered with dark black fog and investigates why the colossi have fallen. You played as Terrence and helped Terrence to fight the evil and help him to find his Wife.

Also, multiple characters introduce in Pascal wager which is friends of Terrence you can use various characters to fight evil and investigate and roam the world experience thrilling battle and uncover the truth behind the fallen of colossi.

Offer by Pascal wager

Limited time launch price for the android version given by the company a special price of 3.99USD. This offer is limited for a specific time period after which the cost of the game will return to a Normal price of 6.99USD.

Players will receive the heroic herald outfit for Terrence for free if they purchase the game before 9th July 2020.

Hardware requirement for Android


· Snapdragon 625 and 835 or equivalent.

· Android 5.0

· 3GB Ram

· 5GB Rom

New Mode DLC release

DLC means Deep into the Dark Mist. Players will roam a series of different maps and challenge unbeatable evils in Dark mist. Deep Dark Mist available at the cost of just 0.99USD means you have to purchase separately. You face terrifying enemies explore the world to find out treasure and secrets in the Dark Mist.

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