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New update Pubg mobile 0.19.0

Updated: Aug 8, 2020

PUBG free update 0.19.0 will show up on July 7; the organization officially confirms this through its Twitter account on yesterday. It will bring with the surprise the recently named Livik Map that is present in the beta rendition of the game. It is still unclear about the much-awaited Erangel 2.0 new map will bring with the update 0.19.0 or Not. The Company Post does not share much about the latest Livik plan on what we can expect from the 0.19.0 update. Be that as it may, from the past mysteries, we know a couple of insights concerning Livik itself, which is the leading PUBG mobile restrictive guide till dating

PUBG mobile officially shared the Post through their Twitter account and announced that free update 0.19.0 would arrive on July 7 2020. It includes that the new guide called Livik will be acquainted with the customary adaption of the game with this update. This is only available data with this Post given by the organization yet more can be reasonable in the coming days as we draw nearer to the July date. Livik is at present accessible for players to look at in the beta form of PUBG mobile. Livik map is the first-ever map made exclusive to PUBG mobile as the rest of the plan first made for Pc and console.

Livik will carry snappy matches with a limit of 40 players in the game and also this map is having two-kilometre by two kilometres in size. Each map will keep going for around 15 minutes. The new guide contains new territories like a spring of gushing lava, underground aquifer and cascade, among different focal points. The cascades around the guide will give one of kind cooperation’s the player not accessible on different guides.

The new guide will include two new weapons also: P90 submachine firearm and MK12 burst rifleman rifle.

Taking about the Erangle 2.0 the new update comes that PUBG team they are giving some completing contact that it will be discharged in the second complete half of the work this current years. As of now, there is no precise date for the launch of Erangle 2.0.

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