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Is Ghost Of Tsushima Worth Buying?

Updated: Aug 9, 2020

I am always a big Fan of Sucker Punch work. The sucker punch came with good quality games whether it is of infamous series or classic sly cooper game. The sucker punch came with a great game called Ghost of Tsushima. This game a significant divergence. You can see a lot of style in this game that defines the Sucker Punch game, but the high ranking question is whether it’s worth your time and money let checks this out.

Tale of Tsushima:

At its centre, Ghost of Tsushima is all about raising a Legend. The story revolved around the Japanese island called Tsushima attacked and captured by Mongols and things going dreadfully for the Japanese warriors. You played as a Jin Sakai the adherent, have to rescue his Guardian then and also, in the end, recover Tsushima from the Mongol intruders, incorporating himself up with a Legend all the while.

It is an Open adventure type of game the story separated into attentive missions; the First half of the story revolves around gathering allies and establishment of force against the Mogol intruders and save the Guardian of Jin.

This game gives you the sensation of stealth action the word ghost represents this nature well. The idea behind raising a legend is best to describe the game as you level up you advance with various skills, weapon and unlock new abilities.

Marvelous Gameplay:

When you first played this game, the only one thing that came to your mind how beautiful it is you feel like you watching the movie it look so realistic and also graphically advanced. It’s a clean looking game the HUD is undoubtedly one of my absolute preferred matters about the whole enjoy; as opposed to going for a massive HUD loaded with facts like Call of Duty or something, you, in reality, get a Minimap and a tiny fitness bar. Even waypoints are dealt with fantastically and stylistically. The wind tells you which direction your next waypoint is, and if you wander away or confused, the wind may be mustered utilizing genuinely swiping up on the DualShock 4 trackpad.

Combat Fighting:

Ghost of Tsushima depicts some of the awesome sword fights. I like the slow-motion kill and sound effect while duel fighting with enemies. The soul games inspire the combat system. The combat of the game is designed beautifully in such a way to give a sense that you’re watching a pretty crafted fight in the movie rather than harrowing combat to the loss of life where you have to juggle a couple of assets. Your self- healing depends on the killing of foes which gives you the ability to heal yourself.

There is the best part if you want to look cool, Jin can lightly stroll into the group of opponents and urging a respectable duel. Control is not difficult in this type of fight you hold a triangle for a bit, and let’s go of it at the right time to immediately kill off the enemy and look cool doing it. However, that’s the significant component about Tsushima: its standard approach of fashion-over-substance does undoubtedly make it a good deal higher than its smaller individual components.

The only downside of the game is the upgrading system of the weapon you have to go out and hunt in the open world for upgrading any of your equipment. It’s not the lousy system by any mean there is a beauty in its simplicity. Still, I think it’s an entirely unnecessary attempt because honestly, the excellence of the world and the fun of discovering mysteries that can support your most extreme wellbeing or assist you with finding concealed stories is significantly more convincing motivation to go out in the open world than expecting to discover more bamboo shoots to overhaul your bow or something.

Negative Aspect:

The only negative aspect is the hardware this game runs smoothly on Ps4 pro, but there is a lagging and frame drop problem in the base system of ps4. Play station 4 suffers heavily from its older hardware due to this loading time are unbearable for Ghost of Tsushima. This game will run at a stable 30 FPS in PS4 which is not Ideal but better for base PS4.

Should you buy it? 

Sucker Punch gives you good quality games, and I am the big fan of Sucker punch if you want real action and feel a beautifully-choreographed fight than go for it. You should try this game.

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