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Far Cry 6 Leaks: Released Date Revealed with Surprise

Updated: Aug 9, 2020

News for Far cry fans new Farcry 6 confirmed with Breaking Bad famous character Gustavo Fring aka Giancarlo Esposito.

Among the biggest Ubisoft Shows Because of its Ubi forward event. Teaser launched for Far cry 6 with the big star Giancarlo Esposito officially released in Farcry twitter account.

The teaser Shows Breaking Bad Character looks like a big villain with smoking a cigarette it is interesting to see more during the Ubi Forward Event held tomorrow.

This leak revealed that one of the biggest villains of breaking bad Gus Fring would appear in Far-Cry 6 which is bolstered by the tweet originating from the official twitter account of Farcry.

We have some information about the narrative of the Far cry 6. Far cry 6 Tales will take place in a tropical paradise Named Yara, Dominated over from the Consent Anton Castillo and his Kid Diego. Giancarlo Seems likely to be Enjoying Castillo

The listing also revealed that the game would available for both ongoing and next-gen consoles, besides give a free upgrade path for digital purchase from PS4 to PS5 similar to Microsoft Smart Delivery on X-box one to X-box series x. In accordance with the shop list, it is scheduled for launch on February 18, 2020

The tweet has a Title line written Anton would not be Pleased. People who aware of the Breaking Bad know how brutal the lousy side of Gus Fring aka Esposito. I Believe the Exact Same will be seen at the Far cry 6.

UBI forward occasion held tomorrow it is fascinating to find out more regarding the Far cry 6 and other games such as Watch Dog's: Legion along with Hyper Scape.

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