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Crash Bandicoot: On the Run Mobile Confirmed

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

Crash Bandicoot one of the best franchise games which launched as a Playstation exclusive in back 1996 is now coming to IOS and Android as an endless runner mobile game. Game is developing with the help of Candy Crush developer king.

Crash Bandicoot one of the most popular platform gaming of past Playstation back in the year alongside other games like Super Mario and Rayman legend which are a most likeable game of all time. From the gameplay trailer, we can conclude that game is similar to that of other endless runners like Temple Run and Subway Surfer, but there is something different.

The upcoming game titled Crash Bandicoot: On the Run is developed by King who made some of the masterpiece games which include popular hit like Candy Crush Saga and also some honourable mention Candy Crush Soda. Candy Crush Saga is one of the most addictive and challenging games of all time with Google play rating 4.6 and over a billion install and 1.6 million evaluations on the Apple App Store. Other set includes Diamond Saga and Pet rescue saga.

This game based on the fictitious Wumpa Island where humans and mutant animals co-exist. The main character of the game is genetically advanced bandicoot named Crash and antagonist Doctor Neo Cortex who created Crash and want him dead at any cost. Crash must defeat Doctor Neo Cortex to save the world.

The trailer of the mobile game revealed many things that the game based on end runners like Temple Run player will get to explore Wumpa Island, Face new challenges, Deal Classic Villains with Crafty weapons, including the Doctor cortex. Besides, the game allows gamers to customize the character. One of the most exciting features of the app is multiplier mode you team up with friends and play this game. Pre-registrations start on Google Plays you should go to the store and pre-register for this game.

No official launched to date has been announced by King yet stays tuned for getting more news.

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