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Cloud gaming and how does it work?

Updated: Aug 9, 2020

In our childhood days, we played a lot of video game. This came with Contra and Mario like games one of the legendary games of all time it’s fun all time but today as we know there is a boom in internet and mobile technology day by day we now played highly anticipated and graphically good games in our and held devices. We also played online games now due to this rapid technology changes here came the concept of cloud gaming.

Now you have a question in your mind what is this thing?

What is Cloud Gaming?

First of all, you understand the concept of cloud computing to understand cloud gaming. What happens in cloud computing that one computer can access resources data of another computer or server the computer can use the other computer resources from data centre share resources such as network, storage processing power etc.

This method and concept used in cloud gaming….

If you are unable to purchase high-end spec PC for playing games cloud gaming is a solution. If you want to play high-end games in your low-end device whether its PC android phone than cloud gaming help you. You can use all resources, processing, rendering and network remotely on the computer from a server online. With your low-end PC, you feel the same as a high-end PC. You don’t need to buy a high-end gaming setup and console. You just use your keyboard and mouse all the processing rendering done on the server through the internet you used processing power, Graphic rendering power and other resources.

In cloud gaming although you don’t need high-end PC you must need a very good internet connection because the resources share through online such as rendering texture, graphic, shadow and game structure physic is highly processing task else it could be a problem low-speed connection take very much time for streaming and sharing data and also lag your game.

In one word you stream games just like you’d stream a YouTube and Netflix video. This video frame acts as an input suppose you play the game every time you press a button like a shoot button for your character that input gets sent Into the Distant server tell the game what you Have done and Delivered you the Brand New video frame Which shows you the Outcome. 30 and 60fps (frame per second) multiply and you have got the video.

Is there is any company who are providing this service?

There are many companies who provide cloud gaming services but I personally think Google and Microsoft take the market in the near future because both companies Came with the stunning project.

1. Google Stadia

2. Microsoft X cloud

Google Stadia is a cloud-based gaming agency operated by Google. It is capable of streaming games with 60fps (frame per second) provided you are using sufficiently high-speed internet connection. It is accessible through Google Chrome web browser, pixel Smart-phone some supported Smart-phone from Samsung, one plus and Asus.

Stadia don’t require any hardware configuration only need a good internet connection and support for Google chrome for stadia.

Stadia Launched on 19th Nov 2019 in 14 territories including US, UK and Canada with 22 games initial price $130 with 3-month premium services and after $10 a month.

Stadia have Stadia controller used for pixel phones and currently, there is no solution if you play Stadia games on TV you must use the Stadia controller.

Microsoft X cloud is also a cloud gaming service designed to play games of Xbox one in any device.

It does not yet launch. From the company side, it is said that Microsoft x cloud supports 3500 games when it will launch.

It supports the Touch screen and controller for android as well as tablet. Microsoft says it has also developed touch input overlay to play x box games directly on Smartphone and tablet without the need of a controller.

It is yet to launch 15 countries including the UK.

Pros and Cons of Cloud Gaming?


· Don’t need to buy any high-end PC.

· You can play on window PC, Mac, smartphone and Linux means cloud gaming make game platform-independent.

· No maintenance required.

· Some games require download size 30Gb. No need to download anything.


· Require a good connection to play games

· High Internet is not available in some area cant access this service

· High bandwidth Require. Means expensive package internet fee if you played 1 hr games consume more than 20GB bandwidth

· Cloud gaming service charge applicable to play games

· Acc to fee there will be playing an hour for you cant play game all-time hour is limited acc to your plan.

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