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Apex legends mobile launching leaks - end this year

Updated: Aug 8, 2020

Apex Legends a royal battle game which has 70 million players now focuses on the mobile platform statement by the EA chief executive Andrew Wilson. This game is rival of Fortnite and PUBG was released for Microsoft Windows, Playstation 4 and Xbox one on Feb 4 2019.

For Android gaming lovers it’s a good news Apex legends is launching on mobile by the end of this year. This information was supported by EA CEO Andrew Wilson, who spoke about the release of Apex legends and its data from the video leaked on Twitter.

PUBG mobile is currently the most popular Battle Royal game An Call of Duty mobile is favourite for fans it is interesting to see how PUBG and COD compete with Apex legends.

In conferencing, EA chief Andrew Wilson said that it would be soft launch means Apex legends initially available to either select users or select markets we all know how this game cross 70 million in just one month and there are lots more free community. Hence, it’s challenging for PUBG to compete with Apex Legends. Furthermost EA also announced about another platform like Nintendo switch version this game is available in late 2020. EA also announced cross-platform play between all platforms.

Apex legends received positive reviews from critics who praised gameplay, graphic and gaming mechanism we see how much rating for mobile platform from critics. Apex legends based on the concept of titan fall developed by Respawn Entertainment. In Apex legends, you can choose from eight characters with every character possess some ability. You can also team up and make a squad in Apex legends.

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